that day….

28th, 23.59pm :
so quite, so silent, so calm, …
trying to remember what i`ve done for last year, …
to many fault, to many sin,
hm, …

29th, 00.01am :
Thanks God for beautiful life, …
for more chance to remember you, for everything, for all.
I’ll do my best for you, for everyone, for everything, I wish.
welcome 23, …
see you 22, …
happy B`day to me, thanks.


#1 Arie on 07.03.08 at 2:26 am

jangan nakal
jangan malas
jangan bengong aja
jangan melamun
jangan lupa sholat
jangan lupa mandi
jangan lupa ngasi makanan bejo dan lainlainnya
dan jangan lupa MAKAN MAKAN !!!!!!

#2 b0w0 on 07.03.08 at 3:09 am

huehuehuehuehuehue 😀

#3 fenny on 07.09.08 at 5:21 am

hepi bdei… ditunggu traktirannya di obonk yeah…

#4 noped on 08.06.08 at 3:28 am

kecetit lorooo bgt, hehe

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